Tuesday Tip - Move Your Body - Get Creative

The thing to remember about exercise is that it's just moving your bod.

Just moving your bod around.


Get creative.

Tuesday Tip (2).png
  • Make shapes.

  • Get small - Get big.

  • Kneel - Stand up.

  • Twist.

  • Touch the floor - touch the sky.

  • Roll around.

  • Crawl.

  • Go slow - go fast.

  • March.

  • Skip.

  • Shimmy.

  • Fly your body.

  • Roll down a hill.

  • Salsa dance.

  • Park far away.

  • Take the stairs.

  • Think of 10 different ways to do a jumping jack.

  • Combine movements - situp - then standup - then crouch down - then do a somersault.

  • Take your joints through full range of motion.

  • Get breathless.

  • Move slow and smooth.

  • Do some opposites.

We forget that our bodies are meant to move.
Then our brain forgets how are bodies are meant to move.
Then our muscles forget how they're meant to move.

That's SomaYoga - neuromuscular education.

But it applies to everything.

Move in a way that pleases you.
Move in a way that pleases you with regularity.

Get creative.
Let me know how it turns out.
Want to share?

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