Dear sweet belly of mine...


Dear sweet belly of mine.

I know sometimes I'm mean to you and wish you didn't stick out so much. I know sometimes I'm ashamed of you. I know sometimes I worry that people will look at you and judge you and raise their eyebrows. I know sometimes I curl my nose in disgust at you when I look in the mirror.

I'm sorry. I forget sometimes.

I forget that you housed my babies. I forget that when I feel afraid, I cradle you with my arms to soothe myself. I forget that you are so strong and help me move without hurting my back. I forget that you house my beautiful insides and support all they do for my body. I forget that you are an integral part of my machine.

My beautiful machine.

The truth is - I love you. You are a part of me. 

And I sometimes forget because I'm bombarded (just like everybody else) with ideas of what a healthy body is "supposed" to look like. And that washboard abs aren't an indicator of health (or core stability for that matter.)

And I have to remind myself that I'm just right as I am...

Perfectly Imperfect.