Punk Rockers

Back in hmm... 1984 I went to Europe with my friends who took French with me. It was a trip of a lifetime. We wound our way around many countries like West Germany (back when it was separated by a wall from the East.)

I was so young and couldn't stop staring at people's mohawks and doc martens. I was fascinated by the punk rockers and wished deep in my good girl South Dakota heart that I had the courage to be so bold and live out loud.

Sarah London.jpg

I stared at them behind my sunglasses. They were so unbelievably cool. They almost frightened me with their insouciance. How did you get that way? How could you be that way?

I wasn't sure. But I wanted it. I wanted that freedom. That freedom from rules and expectations and eyes watching you and judging you.

They just didn't give a rip. It was fantastic.

So here I am...35 years later.

And as I walk the cobblestone streets in my docs...I realize that I was able to bring a little punk rock into my life and that I have, indeed, learned to live out loud and stop being such a rule follower.

It's a state of mind. I get that now.

It was London that gave me my first glimpse into what life was like in other places... outside of my small town.

London rocks.