Hard Times

Anyone else having a challenging time?

Anyone else feel a little discombobulated or delicate?

I was talking to a friend yesterday and both of us feel like the veil is really thin right now. We were both super tender and emotional and facing difficulty.

In my case, I have someone close to me mired in addiction. This person is harming people I love.


And there is not one damn thing I can do except love the sh(t out of the people being harmed and remind them that they're not alone and that I love them.

Friends. This is life. And sometimes life is hard.

I believe our job is to show deep compassion toward ourselves and others...even the people that are failing us.

I believe the work is to stay soft and open.

And it's so hard. It is SO hard not to put your armor on and get hard.

As someone who has lived most of her life armored up to make up for my sensitivity and being an empath...it's hard not to do what I normally do which is to shut down.

Maybe if all of us remind each other that there are soft places to land.

Maybe if all of us reach out to each other.

Maybe if we all practice deep compassion.

This world can feel not so pokey.