List of Props Needed For Meditation

What you need:

What you don't need:
Anything else.

I took a training a few years back about teaching meditation. During the training I may have bristled (cough cough...I bristled) because the teacher was using languaging like this:

"You shouldn't ______"
"You should _______"
"The goal is to _______"


It felt like it made meditation this completely unattainable thing.

And in my work - my goal is to make the complex, simple. To make what feels undoable, doable and approachable.

What you need for meditation is an open heart and a willingness.

Because the hope is that you can for a little time each day, sit quietly and calm the busy-ness of your mind. Calm the busy-ness of your body.

Why is this important?

Because life is noisy.

And sometimes it's hard to hear yourself.

Meditation helps you to turn down the noisiness of life and connect with your SELF.

To create the stage for some calm and equanimity so that you can HEAR that small voice within. To hear that quiet voice that speaks to you in a whisper, or in your intuition, or in your deep knowing.

To take a minute and connect with whatever makes sense to you: