Imagine a program designed just for you




To begin, we meet — via Skype, Zoom or by telephone — whatever works for you. Expect our first meeting to take one to one and a half hours. It’s a conversation, so we will chat and I will ask a lot of questions. It is here that we get a sense of each other. We discuss goals and feelings and also go over the basics like health history forms.

Then I go away for a week and come up with your plan. It is based on your words and what I’ve ascertained from the questions you have answered. It is created by you (through our interview) and for you. It generally takes me four to six hours to create your plan. Your plan is extensive and holistic in nature. I address all aspects of a person body, mind, and spirit.

When I have written your plan, we will meet again to go over it. At that point, you decide if you like what what have created, if it resonates with you and if it seems doable. They are self-directed and include workouts, ideas about sleep and stress management.

We then schedule times for us to check-in with each other to follow your at home progress and for accountability.

If you’re local, you may want to schedule some workouts or meetings with me directly. Most of our work together is done outside if possible, because fresh air is just good for the soul. If you prefer to workout inside, we can do our sessions at Tula Yoga and Wellness or Timberwolf Crossfit for a small upcharge.


“If you want to literally feel the change/results that you work for permeating thoughout all of the cells in your body, your mind, your core, your essential person, your spirit, then you should choose the gift that is Sarah Turino.” Jeanine

“While many trainers are good with the physical domains of health — physical strength, flexibility, cardio endurance — Sarah offers whole person health. All that other stuff plus emotional, spiritual, and mental strength.” Patty

“I have appreciated that Sarah so thoughtfully adapted my training program to what I needed — at that moment. She gave me permission to be gentle with myself without feeling bad when that was what I needed. She also pushed me when I needed or would benefit from a push.” Amy P.

“Sarah has a real gift in recognizing that most people need more than burpees and barbells. She teaches her clients about learning to love themselves — flaws and all — and take care of more than the physical aspects of self-care.” Amy D.

“Sarah believed in me and tailored my program to reach that exact goal. Every time we met, she inspired me even more to stick with the plan and keep going even if I was busy or stressed with school and life.” Lizanne D.


Do you have chronic pain or tension in your neck, shoulders, back, hips or extremities?

Imagine your brain is holding your body in a strange positions and you aren’t even aware of it. It is very common and it is called Sensory Motor Amnesia. And our habits (how we sit at a computer, in the car, on the phone, carry a purse) get locked into our body and become…our new normal. And that new normal, can cause pain and tension. Ouch.

What if you could relieve the pain and the tension your SELF? That is the gift of SomaYoga. SomaYoga is a form of therapeutic yoga that blends somatics and yoga. It brings EASE back into your body. You can remind, re-learn, re-teach your brain and your muscles to work together again. This work releases held tension, reduces pain and best of all – brings mobility and stability into the body.

In addition, there can be releases in your emotional and spiritual body. It’s a gentle, but powerful practice.


“I honestly believe that anyone could benefit from SomaYoga with Sarah. Soma is learning to have control of your body from the ground level up. A lot of this work is what’s missing from traditional approaches to rehab and training. It’s consciously rewriting your own patterns out of pain and compensation and back towardsbalance, health, and performance. Sarah is unique in that she not only understands the yoga aspects of it, but also the sport/strength/performance side as well, so everything that she does is with the vision of getting you to move your best. Sarah’s work is a perfect compliment to any form of exercise/sport. I would highlysuggest that everybody at least check out the work that Sarah does, it’s awesome stuff!” Trent A.

“I got so much out of my soma yoga session with Sarah! I had been experiencing some strange mid-back pain for a few weeks and could feel that my alignment was off. Sarah led me through several movements that taught me how to reconnect my brain and my muscles. After practicing the moves several times a week for a couple of weeks, my pain was gone and I felt much more balanced.” Johanna K.

“So first of all, as you all know, seeing Sarah ANY time is grounding and energizing. Sarah so thoughtfully watched me move, asked questions, and gently challenged me to move in way that made my muscles remember their job. She works with the body, and is affirming of effort, yet always realistic about how much “new” we can carry into our existing daily routines.” Emily B.