T3 is a podcast (or as we like to say a vodcast, because there is video.) Two Trainers Talking was born out of the idea that fitness shouldn’t be like a puzzle to figure out. That it could be made simpler, more affordable, and accessible.

T3 is made up of two trainers – me and the amazing Theresa Horne. Theresa trains people in Jackson, Michigan and owns/operates Sisterhood of Strong. We connected via social media and decided to collaborate and share what we have learned generously from our hearts and spirits.

Some of the best information and ideas come out of having conversations. T3 is just that – two trainers just talking about various topics that we think would be helpful.

Episode 1 – The Importance of Self Care/Mother’s Day
Sometimes we put ourselves last and forget to care for ourselves. In this episode, we talk about how important it is to remember to put yourself into the mix of care.

Episode 2 – Summer Eating & Nutrition Ideas
There are often a lot of events during summertime – barbecues, graduations, weddings. How do you navigate these events supporting your wellness goals? We’ll tell you what we do and give some ideas.

Episode 3 – Goalsetting
If you have a hard time sticking to your fitness goals, this episode is for you. We give actionable tools to help you set and reach your goals.

Episode 4 – Getting Started
If you want to move, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, this episode has some great tips. It’s a great companion piece with Episode 3!

Episode 5 – Mobility Training
Theresa and Sarah talk about some new ways to look at flexibility – reframing it as mobility. Included is a Spinal Mobility practice. If you’d like a printout of the practice, CLICK HERE  T3 Spinal Mobility Practice. It has a live link to the T3 Spinal Mobility Video. 

Episode 6 - Getting Older - Theresa’s List

In this episode, Theresa shares her list of wisdom with us as she prepares to turn 45. Her list is insightful and helpful.

Episode 7 - Getting Older - Sarah’s List

Sarah turned 50 this year and brings her learnings to you. They may not be what you expect.

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I like to wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and talk about things that may be helpful to you. Please expect a middle aged face, no makeup, and messy hair.

Episode 1 – Excuses not to Exercise and How to Deal with Them
In this episode – we talk common excuses people use to avoid exercise (I don’t have time, I have kids, I don’t wanna) and some ideas to deal with them.

Episode 2 – 10 Things I’ve Learned at 50
In this episode, I share some things I’ve learned along the way to turning 50 years old (whoa.) Maybe they’ll be helpful to you.

Episode 3 – Using Your Voice
In this episode, we talk about navigating difficult conversations and finding and using your voice.

Episode 4 – “What I Will Be” by Amber Tamblyn
A poem by Amber Tamblyn dedicated to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Episode 5 – Self Compassion 1
Learn the 3 components of Self Compassion and a practice to begin to bring in loving kindness toward your self.

Episode 6 – Bravely Creating
I wrote a book of poetry. It was terrifying…and exhilarating. All of the big feelings. I learned some things from some smart people about creating and how important it is. Maybe it will help you in your creating.

Episode 7 – Self Compassion 2
In the next episode teaching Self-Compassion, we’ll explore three new practices. The practices take your Self-Compassion practice to the next level.


Episode 8 - Getting Hooked & Unhooking

Big feelings happen, but how can you either unhook from them so they don't take you for a ride - and/or unhook and consciously choose to deal with source of your big feelings.

Episode 9 - Change and Dealing with Change

In this episode, Sarah discusses change - how it's a natural part of life and how to navigate change while keeping your center.

Episode 10 Permission to Dream

In this episode, Sarah talks about giving yourself permission to dream and gives an exercise to try.

Episode 11 - Protecting Your Dream

In the second part of the series on Birthing Your Dreams, Sarah talks about ways to protect your dream as you start to think about bringing it into the world.

Episode 12 - Creating Your Dream

In the third part of the series on Birthing Your Dreams, Sarah talks about creating and participating in birthing your dream.

Episode 13 - Fertilizing Your Dream

In part four of the Birthing Your Dream series, Sarah talks about fertilizing your dreams as they take shape.

Episode - The Self Care & Self Love Loop

Learn about the Self Care & Self Love Loop and how you can easily step into it with small acts. As you take action on one side, it positively affects the other.

Episode 15 - Generosity As A Practice

In this episode, Sarah talks about generosity, on all levels, as a way of life and how it actually HELPS THE GIVER.

Episode 16 - Dump the Shoulds

In this episode, Sarah talks about how should'ing all over yourself causes you to feel crappy.

You can follow Sarah’s Pajama Talks on her You Tube Channel.